Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kevin in 'Slipjig'- Navigator

Lovely relationship of sail shapes

One of a huge and very beautiful collection from Barry at: http://www.eyeinhand.com/Galleries/Albums/StMichaels-2009/source/img_1768.htm


  1. HI Robert, just happened upon this blog via a mention on Arwen's Meanderings. Though I've been visiting "Middle Thing" frequently for some time, this is the first I've known of your Page Three Boats. So how appropriate, and a pleasant surprise, to find that one of my photos of a friend, Kevin Brennan, preceded me. Quite happy to see it here. Not sure how it came to you, and doesn't really matter (no doubt while searching for Navigator info) but you'll find the original, along with many others like it, at this link:


    We've just returned from the same event this year, and I'll be posting a fresh gallery of photos from that shortly. I'll check back in with the new link when it's done.

    I'm in the midst of a build of my own - two Melonseeds:


    I really enjoy reading your blogs. Keep it up, and good luck.


  2. At last, this year's photos (though the captions are a work in progress still):


    Not as many good photos of Kevin's Navigator this year - he was too fast to catch - but plenty of beautiful boats.

  3. Thank you for your comments Barry, and it is good to find the creator of that superb photo. And looking at your web site, it is awash with beautiful images. I've seen your lovely melonseed work, but hadn't seen eyeinhand, for some obscure reason. The pleasure I get from connecting with like-minded folk on the net is huge. Thanks for your contact, and I'll keep a happy eye on your site too.